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All classifieds must be formatted like the following example in order to have your classified placed in the Community Bargain Hunter publication for FREE.

    1995 Toyota Corolla, White, A/C, Leather, Good Condition, 95k Miles, Asking $3,000 OBO. Please Call 555-555-5555.

    • The classified example is only 16 words. Phone number only counts as 1 word. Please follow the classified example when placing your classified.
  • A 25 word maximum is STRICTLY enforced. Your ad will not be placed if your ad exceeds the word limit.
  • Community Bargain Hunter has the right to refuse any advertisement at any time for any reason.
  • If your selling a firearm, you must included “Foid Card Needed” in your ad.
  • You may only place up to 5 free classifieds a week. If you place more than 5, they will not be accepted!

To place a real estate for rent classified or if you are a business selling something please call 815-877-3733.

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